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    Welcome to Sri Lanka




    The Pearl of the Indian Ocean and an Island with a great History


    Paradise was a word used to describe Sri Lanka by its many visitors – a lush green tropical island surrounded by glorious sand beaches and deep, crystal clean blue water.

    “Sri Lanka” The name rolls off the tongue like a waterfall tumbling from lush mountain slopes. It has the rhythm of a primitive drumbeat and the refinement of a cup of fine tea, the sparkle of a sapphire and the spice of a savory curry.

    Here is a nation where the full gamut of history can be surveyed in a single day’s journey. Primeval jungles teem with wild leopards and elephants. Wondrous ruins testify to great civilization of ages past.

    Few places on earth, if any, have packed the variety of experiences available in Sri Lanka into such a small area. This fascinating land is only 270 mile long and 140 miles across at its widest point.

    Sri Lanka’s history is a story of kings and intrigues which  lead to foreign invasions and domination by the superior military and naval  power of European nations.

    Sri Lanka known also as CEYLON is famous for tea and the hospitality of their citizen.

    It’s a island with so much different climate zones and the vegetation looks like double as anywhere else.

    Long ago, this island was called Serendib. An 18th Century English writer had Sri Lanka in mind when he coined the word “serendipity – the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident”.


    But Sri Lanka is no accident.

    It is an experience – Discover it for yourself!!!